How I Stopped Feeling Insecure, Tired and Stuck

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2021
I remember when it was hard for me to smile at the camera because I hated taking pictures of myself.
I felt insecure, tired and stuck.
I was always worried about how I looked and I lacked self-confidence.
I felt emotionally and physically stuck in a rut.
I was fed up with starting and stopping diets and fitness routines that never worked.
I seemed to always be searching for something new to try but I'd get bored so I'd give up and go back to my old ways.
It was a never-ending cycle and it affected my happiness and self-worth.
My friend invited me to try an online fitness program that included a simple meal plan and a daily superfood shake.
I reluctantly decided to give it a shot.
This is what I changed...
  • I worked out for 30 minutes a day rather than killing myself for an hour a week. I also did a day of yoga and pilates so I had a better balance of intense and restorative workouts.
  • I replaced my unhealthy lunch which usually comprised of a huge sandwich and chips with a nutrition dense shake.
  • I checked into a community of other women who were struggling with similar things which helped remind me that I wasn't alone.
What helped me the most was having a simple, sustainable routine and an accountability group that I could rely on.
I finally got unstuck and found a solution that was working!
In just 3 weeks I had incredible results both physically and mentally.
I was able to see and feel change happening and that got me really excited to continue down this path.
Now I feel confident and love myself the way I am.
I no longer stress about nutrition and save about an hour a day doing online workouts.
If I get stuck in a rut, it's for a day rather than a month.
It feels amazing to have ongoing support from my accountability group.
I have dedicated my life to paying it forward by helping other women who want to love themselves more and make their health a priority too.
I know firsthand how difficult it can be to do it alone which is why I show up every single day to show you what's possible.
You aren't alone, you should do this with me.
Reach out and I can share how you can join me on this journey to a happier and healthier way of life♥️.

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