3 Secrets To High Performance

Being a high performer means showing up as your best self every single day.

In order to do so, we need to make sure we are managing our mind, energy and time efficiently and effectively. 

We are responsible for the energy we bring to the world! 

What we put into it is what we get out.

I'm sure you want to not only be your best but do your best work, am I right?

By implementing these simple steps, you will master your mind, energy and time so that you can be a high performer in all areas of your life. 


1. Manage Your MIND: how to show up as your best self.

  • Do a morning routine every single day. It doesn't have to take long, 20-30 minutes is a great start! Do the following 3 things:
    1) Read something positive for 10-15 minutes (a personal development book)
    2) Plan your day/journal from 10-15 minutes
    3) Meditate for 5-10 minutes
  • Be intentional. Set your intentions before each project, call, or meeting that you have. By doing so, you will feel more aligned with what you want the outcome to be and how you want to show up.

2. Manage Your ENERGY: how to level up your vibrancy.

  • Strategic rest: Take a break every 50 minutes. Set a timer the minute you start work. When it goes off, stop what you are doing and get up. Take 3-5 minutes to grab some water, stretch, get outside, or breathe. 
  • Daily exercise. Get your heart rate up at least 3x's a week for 20-30 minutes (daily walks do not count). Workout, get the blood pumping, sweat dripping and endorphins flowing.
  • Eat whole foods. Food is fuel, what we put into our body is what we get out. Eat whole fruits and veggies. Avoid packaged food that is processed. 

3. Manage Your TIME: do less so you can do more of what matters.

  • Time block your calendar. Don't wing your day, be strategic with your time.
  • Spend 60% of your time on the important work. These are the things that drive revenue and impact. Try to get this work done by 2:00 pm.
  • Spend 20% of your time doing everything else. These are admin/operational type tasks that don't require a ton of your brainpower. Aim to get these done after 2:00 pm. 

By implementing these 3 secrets you are on the road to becoming a high performer! It takes discipline and commitment but wouldn't you agree that it's worth the effort? 

These steps aren't hard to do but they are easy to skip! I challenge you to level up your game and start managing your MIND, ENERGY AND TIME today!


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