What Are the Benefits of Accountability?

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2019

What are the benefits of accountability?

There are some benefits to knowing this answer. One, you're going to stay consistent, the second is you're going to enjoy living a healthy lifestyle, and the third is you're going to be part of a supportive community. There are some problems that can arise if you don't understand the benefits of accountability.

You can actually end up yo-yo dieting and being really inconsistent when it comes to exercise and nutrition. You might be able to stop figuring out what to do. You might just get lost and unmotivated, and you're going to feel alone. It could even get worse by feeling super frustrated, feeling like you're wasting your time, and then just eventually giving up.

One of my clients lost a lot of weight on her own, but she had a really hard time keeping it off. After she had this amazing weight loss journey before we started working together, she would tell me that she would lose the weight and gain it, lose the weight and gain it, and she couldn't figure out how to keep it off. What was missing was that accountability piece. She didn't have an accountability group. She wasn't really working with a coach. She needed that support to keep those results going and to continue living a long-term healthy lifestyle.

There's a great solution to understanding the benefit of accountability and being a part of an accountability group. It's finding that right group is the key to long-term results. When you surround yourself with others that have the same goals, you'll be supported and encouraged to stay on track. If you slip up, who cares? It's okay. It's part of the journey. It's part of living a healthy lifestyle. We're not supposed to be perfect. What matters the most is picking yourself back up and continuing on that healthy lifestyle journey. When you have that accountability group and support, it really helps. It's also really fun.

By getting into an accountability group on a regular basis, you're going to feel more motivated, and you're going to stay on track and not feel guilty when you fall off track. If life knocks you down, you get back up, you check in with the group, and you know what? Everyone else has the same struggles. It's really great and super supportive to know that people are in the same boat as you. It's going to help keep you going. The group will be there to pick you back up and to say, "Hey, it's okay. I cheated too yesterday. I had a bad day. Let's get back on, and let's do this together." These groups are also a great and fun way to connect with others.

Can you imagine how you'd feel when you are supported and held accountable to live a healthy lifestyle on a regular basis?

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