Top 3 Ways To Make Choices That Align With Your Goals And Desires

life goals overwhelm Jan 28, 2020

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed with all the choices that you are asked to make on a daily basis? 

Are those choices moving you closer to living the life you want, or are they pushing you further away from it?

In order to reach your goals and desires, it's important to take a look at the things you are saying yes to. 

Successful people say “no” to almost everything. It’s true!

So don’t be afraid to say no to things that don’t align with the goals and desires that you have for your life. I know what you are probably thinking, "easier said than done."

I totally get it. 

It took me years to let go of guilt because I'm such a people pleaser. 

However, I realized that most of the choices I was making were only causing me unnecessary stress. I also struggled with finding the time to focus on my own needs. 

My health went downhill, I wasn't sleeping and I was burnt out. 

Can you relate? 

Are you sick and tired of being the "yes" person? 

If so, I want to help simplify the process of knowing how to make better choices that will lead you to more time for your own needs, goals and desires. 

This doesn't have to be complicated, but you will need to commit to creating a plan, letting go of guilt and having a vision...

Let's dive in!

3 Simple Ways To Make Choices That Align With Your Goals and Desires:

  1. CREATE A PLAN: Pick one goal to start with. I use the example of getting out of debt. My husband and I had this goal for years but never created a plan, we were winging it and nothing was happening. 

    Once you have a clear plan of how to reach that goal, you will know the things you need to say no to. 

    Ask yourself, "Is this choice I'm about to make going to help or get in the way of reaching my goal?" If it's not, then you need to say no. 

  2. LET GO OF GUILT: A lot of the time we say yes because we feel guilty and don't want to let anyone down.

    I totally get that, I am a people pleaser and I love feeling needed and helping others. 

    But I was stuck and unable to find the time to do things for myself because I was trying to please everyone else. 

    When you let go of guilt, you gain control over your time and move closer to the life you desire.

    Remind yourself that every time you say no to someone's request, you are saying yes to yourself.

  3. HAVE A VISION: If you don't have a vision for the direction you want your life to go in, it's going to be challenging to stick to your guns.

    Every year I create a vision board and post it in my office where I can see it daily. 

    It reminds me why I'm prioritizing my choices and how those choices will lead me to my goals. 

    But without a vision, it will be easy to sway off course.

    If you have never created a vision board, I recommend watching this short video by Jack Canfield. He talks about the value behind having a vision board and has a free vision board checklist that you can download. 

I hope these 3 simple tips will help lead you to owning your choices! When you are able to call the shots in your life, you will be successful at accomplishing your goals. 

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