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Uncategorized Jun 06, 2019
I know that summertime is jam-packed with fun so I want to help you avoid letting all that fun destroy your health!

Things like overeating, consuming a lot of sugar, skipping exercise, and stress all have an effect on our health.

I wanted to share with you my system I follow when life is crazy, the weather is warm and temptations to be lazy are hard to avoid.

Having a system for consistency when it comes to making the decisions surrounding your health, helps you feel great, both inside and out!


  1. STAY HYDRATED: Are you drinking half of your body weight in ounces (and then some)? If not, it's time to drink up! Our bodies are made up of 70% water! It helps us burn fat, decreases disease and flushes out toxins. Grab a water bottle and aim to fill it up as many times as needed to reach your daily goal (i.e. if you weigh 140 lbs, you need to drink 70 oz of water. Fill up a 32oz water bottle 2.5x's, or better yet go for 3x's).

  2. EAT TO FUEL YOUR BODY: We focus so much on the social aspect of food which is why we overeat. We look at food as a reward rather than eating to properly fuel our body. Watch your portions and meal prep on Sundays so you are less likely to overeat! Focus on eating the right foods that your body needs to reach your goals and find other ways to reward yourself like a massage, manicure, hike, yoga class, etc). Need help with meal prepping and portions? CLICK HERE to download my free training! 

  3. MOVE DAILY: Find an activity you like and just move! Stop overcomplicating fitness. You don't have to spend 90 minutes at the gym to get a good sweat on. Get outside, enjoy the summer weather, get your family involved! Make it fun and you will not skip it! I use my virtual gym called Beachbody on Demand. I can take my phone outside and follow a 20-minute workout while enjoying the fresh air. 

  4. CALL THE SHOTS: You are the master of your schedule. Stop overbooking yourself in the summer. I know there is a lot to do but over scheduling yourself causes you stress which is awful for your health. Downtime is important so be sure to schedule a day to yourself at least 2x's a month and enjoy doing nothing! Read, sleep in, go on a walk, whatever fuels your soul and calms your mind, do it more often. 

  5. HAVE A PLAN: Stop trying to wing your health. Have a plan to eat better and move daily. Stop dieting and start living! You can still enjoy the delicious foods you want in moderation. I always save my treats for either a Friday or Saturday. I plan it out and then eat on point until then. I schedule my workouts in my calendar every day. 

    If you need help with a plan, I invite you to set up a FREE CALL with me (click the link)! I can provide you with some tips and help create a customized "healthy formula system" for you!

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