How can I be healthy when I have no time?

Does your busy schedule make you feel like it's almost impossible to stay healthy? 

Let's face it, life doesn't slow down and it can be hard to keep up with all the responsibilities on your plate.

Work, kids, errands, obligations, those are often the priority. Healthy eating and regular exercise become a secondary concern in your life.

Do any of these habits sound familiar?

Grabbing take out and eating at your desk

Sleeping in and hitting the snooze button on your workout

Skipping a meal and not drinking enough water because you forget

You are not alone! Lots of busy people put their health on the back burner due to the chaos of life.

If you are fed up with feeling that you are not in full control of your own life, make a decision NOW to make small changes. 
Here are 3 tips you can start doing that won't suck up more of your time. In fact, they will save you time!

3 Easy Tips To A Healthier Life Even With Little Time

  1. MEAL PREP OVER THE WEEKEND: Don't let meal prepping intimidate you! All you need is one solid hour on a Sunday afternoon to plan out your meals for the week ahead and prep some essentials, so you have grab and go options (click the link below to grab your free PDF guide on meal prepping). 

  2. EXERCISE FOR 30 MINUTES IN THE MORNING: I know you are more inclined to sleep in, but getting in a quick workout first thing in the morning will feel amazing. Daily exercise is proven to help reduce stress, so you will feel calmer and in control right at the beginning of the day!

    All you need is 30 minutes and you don't have to go to the gym. I personally use Beachbody On Demand! Give it a shot for free! CLICK HERE (select the 3 month membership for a 14 day free trial).

  3. WALK WHILE YOU TALK: Get off your butt and take one call a day outside. You'll benefit from getting some vitamin D, moving your body and getting the blood circulating. 

These 3 tips are ones that you can start practicing now. What are you waiting for? 

P.S. I'm always here if you need any help. I still have a few spots left this month for a free 20 minute "Healthy Formula Call."​​

Feeling Trapped In A Chaotic Life?

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Are you ready to be in control and no longer let chaos take over your life?

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