5 Lifestyle Hacks To Help You Get Unstuck and Moving Forward

Life can get a bit chaotic and feel out of control at times. Obstacles will always stand in our way and make everything a bit more difficult. 

When things start spiraling out of control, self-care typically gets neglected, which can make your situation seem even worse than it is. 

I recommend focusing on what you can control, so that you can restore harmony and balance to your day. When you take control of the chaos by showing yourself some love, you will get unstuck and move forward.

Here are 5 simple lifestyle hacks that will help calm your life and get you back on track with self-care. 

  1. Replace your phone with a book
    Stop the scroll! Looking at your phone constantly can put you in a negative state of mind. Replace your phone with a book 30-60 min before bed to help you unwind. Studies show that when you cut out screen time before bedtime it can help improve your sleep and calm your mind.
  2. Focus on deep breathing
    Did you know that most adults take...
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