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The holidays are always a source of stress and so often we neglect our health with all the craziness of the holiday season.
I want to help you avoid letting yourself go at a time when health and happiness should be at the top of your list.
The Holiday Hustle Challenge will be run inside my online wellness studio (on a private app) where we'll focus on managing stress, avoiding weight gain, cooking healthy festive meals, and staying accountable to avoid falling off track.
We are not focusing on being perfect or depriving ourselves. Rather we will work on taking the stress out of it all by making fitness and nutrition simple through team support and accountability.
I will be giving away prizes and celebrating success in our virtual community.
Here's a peek at all you'll have access to now through the end of the year:
  • Holiday Meal Plan
  • 3 Day Burn The Bird Cleanse
  • Simple Nutrition
  • Time Saving Online Fitness
  • Fun Challenges
  • Giveaways For Reaching Goals
    and much more...
So if you are looking for a solution to the holiday madness, look no further! This is where you want to be.
To get started, email me or click on the link below to schedule a call. 

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Do you how to get real long-lasting results? It’s not by doing a quick fix diet or following a short term exercise routine. ACCOUNTABILITY and GROUP SUPPORT is the key to successfully helping people achieve their fitness and weight loss goals.  

As a participant in my virtual wellness studio called The Empowered Life, you’ll receive tips and guidance from me so you will be able to prioritize self-care and stop making excuses.  I will get you in the right mindset, help you create a sustainable routine and show you a simple, realistic approach to health and fitness (no matter how busy you are).  

Plus, you’ll get camaraderie and support from fellow coaches and group participants in a fun and motivating team environment!      

This group is ongoing and each month we have a new challenge to help keep you engaged and moving towards your goals. CLICK HERE to get more info on joining The Empowered Life Wellness Studio and sign up for your free strategy call. 




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